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Japanese and English Bilingual Investment Manager
Ref No.: 17-01149
Location: NEW YORK, New York
Our client, a well-established International Trading (Import-Export) Company is looking for the Japanese and English Bilingual Manager in their Investment Department.

Key Accountability:

50%: 1) Analysis, reporting, managing decision making process of IC

a) To coordinate schedule of the management meeting with the related parties in various locations in order to get approval of the management regarding the business plans and substantial activities of the group companies.

b) To review and make appropriate comment or/and opinion from risk management stand point for the application made by business developing department, with deep understanding of the application and supporting documents in Japanese and English and considering that it stay aligned with the standard practice of the company and/or the headquarters especially for US standard practice. The applications are mainly financial oriented subjects regarding such as newly established company , merger existing company, finance to an entity, business plan of existing company, and so on. In case that it is necessary to gather more information coming from the group companies, it is required to communicate with them directly.

c) To manage circulating the application in order to obtain the approval of the management within a time limit.

20%: 2) Supporting to the group companies (related financial matter)

a) To support the group companies, as interface personnel between the company and them, collaborating with other corporate function line like accounting, tax, finance, internal control, legal and IT department when they have a specific project such as M&A including PMI and enhancement / strengthening of their back office functions and so on (if any).

b) To monitor the activities of the group companies and identify the potential problems: such as Accounting , Finance , Internal control etc. and report the problem to GM and propose solution. Also visit the group companies as required.

10%: 3) Aggregating financial data and making analysis reports for Management

a) To make quarterly report on the financial result of the group companies in North America to the management with aggregating the financial data from the consolidation system and analyzing it.

b) To make various type of report to the management in terms of the integrated risk management perspective, if necessary.

c) To enhance the efficiency and improve in the quality of making the report to the management.

20% 4) General Affairs and Administration

a) To file and store documents in the cabinet, shared database and/or the shared folders in an orderly and timely manner since the Investment team handles a lot of document such as applications for request approval of the management, reports and support documents including the management data of the group companies that are the important knowledge for us.

b) To arrange the meeting since the Investment team manages a lot of internal management meeting with a lot of related persons such as the management, persons in business developing department and in administrative department, and with the third parties and the group companies as well.

c) To support other administrative works of the investment itself (budgeting, opex maintenance etc)

d) Assistance to GM of the investment team and CFO of the company as required.

Required Knowledge and Skills:
  • Bilingual in English and Japanese. Especially, Japanese fluency in the business scene.
  • Skills to find / clarify potential risks and weakness in financial and risk management matters and propose remedial measurements to required fields including management.
  • Knowledge and skill of intermediate accounting (IFRS is also necessary in addition to US GAAP). Communication skills with the related parties (not only internal but also the related parties in group companies).
  • Having a motivation of leaning not only direct assignment but also the related issues.
  • Knowledge of Word, Excel, and Power Point.
Preferred Knowledge and Skills (Some of the following "preferred items” can be required.):
  • Experience of investment management section.
  • Experience of the Ringi system (decision making system).
  • Experience of providing advisory service in accounting firm.
  • Knowledge of M & A procedure and experience of PMI implementation. Experience of financial analysis.
  • General Knowledge of managerial accounting.
  • General Knowledge of Internal control.
  • Knowledge of tax planning.
  • Knowledge of SAP system.
  • Knowledge of IT system development.
Relevant Experience and Education:
  • The essential educational background is an undergraduate degree in Finance or Business Administration with an MBA as desirable.
  • Experience working in the Investment management Department.
Job Type: Full-time
Job Location:
  • New York, NY
Required experience:
  • Investment Management: 3 years
  • M&A procedure of PMI implementation: 3 years
  • Managerial Accounting (IFRS and US GAAP): 3 years
Required language: