Previous Job
Field Engineer 3
Ref No.: 18-29395
Location: Round Lake Beach, Illinois
Qualifications/technical experience we need:
Active Directory – know what an OU is and how to manage a machine account (add/delete/update) and a user account.
VPN – know what it is and familiarity with soft tokens.
Familiarity with remote tools such as Microsoft Configuration Manager or VNC – any tool familiarity.
Know how to image a machine with misc tools. We use Pxe boot/WIM imaging but as long as they have used any tools such as ghost, etc.
Familiarity with any software distribution tools such as Marimba or LanDesk.
Familiarity with any ticketing system such as Remedy.
Familiarity with disk encryption such as BitLocker or McAfee.
Well organized.
Excellent Customer service skills are important – must be personable and able to communicate through email and verbally.
Familiarity with processes in a corporate environment and adhere to them.
Refresh experience – from start to finish including client scheduling, data transfers and deployment. Not just an automated process but a manual process of imaging a machine and transferring data manually.
I am not looking for knowledge in the exact tools we use but they should be familiar with any of the above as there are many different tools in IT. If they are familiar with most/some of the above and have the personable and customer service skills we are looking for then we would have a good candidate.

· Working with Windows, Expert
· Hardware Installation and Support, Expert
· Windows 7, Expert

Job Description:
· Responsible for installation and support services for PCs and printers, and includes all aspects of PC hardware and software support, installation and troubleshooting.
· Must have at least one year recent technical (desktop support) work experience.
· Strong Microsoft Office and Windows experience is a must.
o Must show all versions of these on resume (summary and throughout)
· A+ hardware and software certifications preferred.
· Healthcare experience preferred.
· Mac/iOS products knowledge is a plus.