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Machine Operator III
Ref No.: 18-26326
Location: Parsippany, New Jersey
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Prerna Shah

Title:                        Machine Operator III

Work Location:      Parsippany, NJ 07054
Shift:                       04:45 PM to 01:15 AM
Duration:                6 Months Contract 

Title: Electro Chemical Machine (ECM) Operator

Required skill set - Mechanically inclined - Machine operator experience preferred if possible.

Key Duties/Responsibilities:

The ECM Operator will:
  • Observe company safety rules and regulations.
  • Operate previously set-up electricalelectro-chemical machines salt or acid to shapecut metal work pieces under direct supervision.
  • Examine operation sheets of product and plan operation of machine for basic types of ECM operations.
  • Dress electrodes according to standard practices and part requirements, and identify any conditions that will render an electrode unusable.
  • Position and secure work pieces on electrical electro-chemical machine table with clamps, vices or fixtures.
  • Perform minor adjustments to set-up of electrodes to ensure concentrically, alignment and depth of electrode to work piece using such measuring instruments such as caliper and dial indicators or computer machine controllers.
  • Turn controls to adjust machine settings such as voltage, current, frequency and electrode feed rate according to information on charts, operation sheets, data cards and/or knowledge of electrical electro-chemical machine procedures.
  • Turn valves to adjust flow of acid or salt solution over and/or through electrodes and on work piece.
  • Start machine and observe beginning of operation.
  • Make adjustments as necessary within specifications to ensure operation runs smoothly.
  • Check on machine and electrodes frequently throughout the operation.