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Hiring For :: Database Architect :: Costa Mesa, CA
Ref No.: 18-26059
Location: Costa Mesa, California
Title:                       Database Architect
Work Location:     Costa Mesa, CA
Duration: 19 weeks; 1/19/19 - C2H potential for high performers.
Interview Process: 2 rounds (Phone interview; Possible In-Person with client)
Top Skill Sets Needed – All Required:
1. MSSQL System DBA.
2. Scripting/Automate Day-to-day task
3. ITIL Process Awareness
4. DB Projects , Design/Build and Execution.
Pre-Screen Questions
1. What approach would you take to automate database patching for 100 instances in an Always On cluster environment integration with ITIL process?
2. What building blocks or standards would you use to create a database as a service?
3. What is your understanding of SQL Server architecture in conjunction with infrastructure components, particularly storage networks, operating systems, etc.?
4. What scripting language do you use to automate tasks and troubleshoot code?
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