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Software Engineer - Linux android
Ref No.: 18-24271
Location: San Diego, California
Job Overview:
Porting the Android software stack to the MSM8x50 target.
Integrate additional Android features to the MSM8x50 as identified by the Project Manager and Technical Lead(s).
Verify the integrated software stack and additional features.
Support the testing and stabilization of the integrated software stack and additional features. Document the Android software stack and all integrated features.
Support in the deployment of the integrated software to internal teams for verification and further development as well as commercial releases to external customers.

Minimum Qualifications:
5-7 years of engineering experience Proven ability to design, debug and document complex software applications Proven programming experience in C or C++ required Userspace programming expertise in Linux required Familiarity with object-oriented design, COM or related technologies is highly desired Prior experience with AMSS or MSM platforms is a plus
Technical understanding of wireless applications and network interactions with handsets - e.g., browser, messaging, email, app downloads, etc., is highly desired
Experience developing and debugging in embedded environments is highly desired
Experience in Java programming is a plus Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required Mature interpersonal skills with an ability to collaboratively work with many varied teams and resolve problems spanning many disciplines Proven ability to work in a dynamic, multi-tasked environment

Preferred Qualifications:
see min

Required: Bachelor's, Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science Preferred: Master's, Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science