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Java App Developer
Ref No.: 18-23432
Location: New York, New York
Skills Required:The successful candidate should have a passion for technology and an interest in challenging themselves.

The required skills are:
* Strong server-side Java
* Good understanding of data-structures, algorithms
* Expertise in multi-threaded programming
* Knowledge of REST/JAX-RS, HTTP
* Natural inclination to dig beneath the surface to understand how things work, why theyare a certain way and what the design trade-offs are.It is a technology-focused role and there is no requirement for business knowledge.

Skills desired:
Any specific interest in and experience of Java technologies used in server side-applications. For example: networking, Google Protocol Buffers, XML, SOAP, databases, multi-threading,common Java Open-Source libraries like Spring, CXF, JMH, any low-latency experience.
* Experience with Apigee, Swagger, OpenAPI.
* Experience with ZooKeeper, Curator; PaaS implementations like Cloud-Foundry, etc
* Experience and knowledge wider than Java helps debugging, integration and withnon-pure-Java tasks: Linux, C++, dynamic languages, JVM languages like Scala,RDBMS, KDB, nosql.Client is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to fair treatment,regardless of background
* No specific business knowledge is required, but a healthy interest in all of the firm's lines of business is valuable in understanding and responding to the needs and priorities of the varied application development teams we work with.