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Mechanical Eng. Technician
Ref No.: 18-21957
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Senior mechanical technician to contribute to the bring-up, debug and verification of high performance systems for the OEM and data center marketplace.

The senior mechanical technician will participate in the bring-up and verification of storage systems consisting of mechanical enclosures, rack mount hardware, cable management arms, PCBAs, hard drives, fans, power supplies and high speed communication interfaces. The candidate responsibilities will include: Dimensional verification of components. Initial assembly of sub-systems and systems. Verification of proper fit of systems and sub systems including verification, with margin, of proper, alignment, spacing and lack of interference. Confirmation that any bow, twist or other deformations are within design tolerances. Verification of operation and/or performance of thermal related aspects of the system including heat sinks and other heat dissipation or transfer components, fans, airflow and overall cooling of the system under different use case and environments. Verification that surfaces of all mechanical components are as specified and meet internal quality requirements. Verifying all mechanical functionality including removal and insertion of field serviceable components, operation of all switches, operation of backflow preventers, removal re-installation of covers, cable retention, proper operation of cable management arms and rack mount slides, etc. Confirming that mechanical lifetime of any wear components such as switches, cable management arms, rack mount slides, FRU connectors, etc. Assuring all mechanical safety requirements are met, including no sharp edges or pin hazards. Verifying that the product can be assembled reliably, repeatedly and quickly in a manufacturing setting. These responsibilities will include both tests which are fully documented in test plans and undocumented tests which will rely on the technician’s judgment and experience.

Other responsibilities may include lab maintenance, rack level assembly of prototype systems, verification of electrical components such as PCBAs and power supplies, etc. As a member of a product development program team, the senior mechanical technician must be able to establish and maintain rapport with other team members, demonstrate an enthusiasm for completing tasks on time and be flexible on work assignments as business and program priorities change.

- Associates degree in mechanical engineering or related field
- 10 years experience supporting development of products with significant mechanical content
- Basic understanding of manufacturing technologies and methodologies
- Experience with use of 3D modeling/design software, preferably Solid Works
- Familiarity with bug tracking systems such as Jira, ClearQuest or Bugzilla
- Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
- Working knowledge of in the use of hand tools, vises and fixtures, drills, de-burring
- Ability to lift 50lbs. on an as needed basis
- Demonstrated ability in creative problem solving
- Strong team player, effective communication skills, and highly motivated
- CNC or mill experience is a plus
- Experience with scripting languages (Python, Pearl, etc.) is a plus
- Experience with the Linux operating system is a plus

Rahul Peter