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Senior Engineer
Ref No.: 18-21896
Location: New York, New York

Looking for a senior Level 3 Engineer to be part of a Global Operations team. A person will get directions and guidelines from the regional Ops manager on the assigned tasks. A person requires to be able to perform multitask on various platforms and technologies, a self-started and a great problem solver. An engineer must be willing to work weekends to support the deployment and operational demands. Knowledge of packet analyzing using wireshark is a huge plus. Candidates will be required to stay focused and motivated to learn, apply, support and troubleshoot any issues on various technologies and a multivendor platform (Routers, Switches). Ideal Candidate will be required to participate in various discussions with Engineering/Vendors on a regular basis to help drive the deployment, all throughout the lifecycle of a project or a task.skills required:Knowledge of data networking principles on the specific technologies to manage and support high-speed and secured networks. Hardware: Cisco Switches and Routers (Nexus, ASR1k, ASSR9k) , Arista Switches, Client and Dell switches. Ethernet technologies: spanning tree, vlans, trunking, channeling, multilayer switching, VDI. WAN and Routing technologies: Segment routing, BGP and IGP, L3VPN, QoS, MPLS.
* Ability to learn and adapt to new technology.
* Ability to prioritise along with good time management skills. Excellent interpersonal skills and problem solving skills.
* Ability to participate as part of a team.
* High level of initiative, proactive approach.
* Ability to work in a team environment.
* Sense of ownership/accountability.
* Flexible and adaptable to meet the teams needs.skills desired: Desire to learn and adapt to new technology
* Ability to use applications, Word, Excel, Visio and Power PointProficient in UNIX or Linux will be desirable