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Construction Manager/Inspector
Ref No.: 18-21455
Location: New York City or Newark, New York
(aka: Sr. Construction Engineer, Specialist)

• 40Hr HAZWOPR OSHA trained

• Understanding of safety rules, e.g., PPE use, site safety rules for signing in/out, vehicle/telephone use, AHAs for loading/unloading material, excavation, drum handling

• Familiarity and working experience utilizing air monitoring utilizing PID, FID, O2 meter, at a minimum

• Fit tested/medical clearance for Level C safety protection (use of full face respirator). This is a mandatory requirement for 12NOA sites (Todt Hill and Castleton). Knowledgeable in when upgrade to Level C is required.

• NYCT track training for sites located on/adjacent to NYCT rail lines (and SIRR training for sites in Staten Island)

• Asbestos awareness training and/or experience with asbestos containing building materials (Todt/Castleton only)

• Minimum 3 to 5 years demonstrated field experience conducting/leading environmental investigation and/or remediation. Requiring basic understanding of:
o environmental work plan review and execution;

o soil sampling (if needed);

o soil characterization for environmental purposes; ability to differentiate natural/fill materials;

o recognize field conditions that indicate a change from previously encountered materials;

o ability to recognize indications of spill or release that warrant a "STOP WORK” changed condition (i.e., soil staining, odor and/or organic vapor instrument readings) to differentiate what was observed during EABP vs construction excavation;

o Paperwork/documentation and tracking of waste management include bill of lading/manifest paperwork review and tracking of waste volumes.

• BS degree in environmental field (geology, soil, environmental or engineering) preferred; but not required if candidate has strong field experience