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Database Administrator
Ref No.: 18-20457
Location: Roseville, Minnesota
Job Details:
Position: Database Administrator
Location: Roseville, MN
Duration: 12 Months

  • Work in conjunction with the client's Windows Server, VMWare, and Network administrators to design a server architecture that will support project requirements. Consultants may assume that client staff will build and configure Windows Server.
  • Work in conjunction with the client's Windows Server, VMWare, and Network administrators to install and configure Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise. This will include development, test and production environments. Additional sample tasks include installation and configuration of the following features among others:
  • Transparent Data Encryption along with other data security features
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Microsoft Power BI service
  • At each phase, work with client's IT and Security staff to create and enforce controls based on Active Directory to control access to data as well as other security measures deemed appropriate. Create accounts for all users and assign security levels.
  • Asist client staff as needed to migrate databases from IBM DB2 to SQL Server.
  • Design secure backup processes for databases and encryption keys using Microsoft Transparent Data Encryption
  • Provide end-to-end technical support and problem resolution
  • Create maintenance plans and instruct client IT on ongoing maintenance.
  • Create database management procedures
  • Evaluate data analysis models and procedures
  • Participate in company's cross-training program
  • Advise IT support staff on software and configurations for developer, administrator, and end user workstations.
  • Mentor client IT staff as needed to ensure all systems are supportable internally after the end of the engagement. This includes providing recommendations on formal training requirements to client management.

Minimum Qualifications
  • Vendor must have the capacity to provide multiple resources that satisfy each of the qualification skill set requirements listed below. The skill sets identified below will be used as Pass/Fail requirements when reviewing resumes for proposed resources prior to starting on the project.
  • Ten (10) years' experience in Database Administration (DBA) role using Microsoft SQL Server and at least two (2) years in a DBA role using SQL Server version 2012 or higher
  • A Bachelor's degree substitutes for two years, or an Associate's degree substitutes for one year of SQL server Experience but not the requirement for two (2) or more years with version 2012 or higher
  • Two (2) years in a DBA role using Microsoft SQL Server Analyses Services and Reporting Services.
  • four (4) years' experience in Architecting new SQL Server environments in cooperation with Windows System Administrators
  • four (4) years' experience in training and mentoring technical staff on SQL Server and related development tools
  • five (5) years' experience with each of the following processes
  • Routine database maintenance
  • Disaster recovery
  • Database backup
  • Failover procedures

Desired Skills:
  • Implementing Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) including creating secure backup procedures for TDE encrypted databases and related encryption keys.
  • Experience in a DBA role with SQL Server 2017
  • Experience in a DBA role SQL Server 2017 Reporting Services and SQL Server 2017 Analysis Services
  • Experience Implementing Microsoft Power BI server
  • Experience with database design
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Transact SQL and other languages used in the SQL Server environment
  • Knowledge of database structure and theory
  • Knowledge of distributed computing architectures, e.g. client–server model
  • Knowledge of the Windows Server operating system
  • Knowledge of storage technologies and networking
  • Microsoft SQL Server Related certifications