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Manager Financial Planning
Ref No.: 18-20041
Location: White Plains, New York
Job Description:
The Manager of Financial Planning oversees the Financial Planning group in the preparation of Client's short and long-term financial forecasts for use in establishing near-term corporate budgets and aiding senior and executive management in their decision making processes concerning risk assessments, and economic and competitive analyses. The Manager of Financial Planning directs the Financial Planning group in the successful and timely preparation of the 2801 Cash Flow Receipts and Expenditures Report, the Preliminary Four Year Budget and Financial Plan and the Final Four Year Budget and Financial Plan.   This role oversees the completion and distribution of the documentation of an Assumptions Package for the four-year forecasts, several PARIS filings in compliance with OSC regulations, and the monthly forecast update of the current year’s budget.  
The Manager of Financial Planning oversees the development and periodic updates of Client’s long range financial plan, which is a cornerstone in the identification and evaluation of Client’s strategic goals and enterprise-wide risks.  Additionally this role develops and monitors financial metrics for Client and for each of Client’s generating facilities/market areas and for its transmission facilities.  The Manager of Financial Planning supports the analysis of cost and revenue data critical to the recovery of the revenue requirements for Client's generating facilities, various market areas and transmission facilities.

•    Provide oversight in the analysis, monitoring and compilation of annual budgets and business plans as well as provide updates and regular progress reports, and conduct analysis on major projects or other potential enterprise activities.
•    Oversee and review budget forecasts for Client, and net revenue estimates for individual projects and customer groupings.
•    Ensure that the Financial Operating Forecast model is accurate and is updated to keep pace with changing market conditions, Client policies and procedures, current legislation and the needs of internal/external stakeholders. Identify and implement additional reports to present data in a concise and useful fashion. 
•    Provide direction to Financial Analysts during the Annual Operating Forecast process in producing Client’s net income and cash-flow projections.  This includes collecting and analyzing the data, updating the financial model, analyzing the results and preparing reports and an annual presentation to the Authority’s Trustees.  
•    Ensure compliance with New York State regulations by developing, filing and posting the Preliminary and Final Four Year Budget and Financial Plan for NYS Comptroller’s Office to satisfy reporting requirements and regulations. 
•    Provide oversight of the monthly forecast updates to the fiscal year budget and explain variances via graphs, charts and reports to advise Senior and Executive Management of important changes.
•    Coordinate monthly forecast updates with the Enterprise Risk Group to facilitate their analysis of net income and cash flow risk associated with energy price volatility and various enterprise activity outcomes.
•    Support the preparation of the Annual Revenue Requirement / Cost-of-Service studies for Client’s facilities and customer groups.  This includes providing data and analytic support to the Revenue and Pricing group and working in collaboration with customers pursuant to each contract’s terms. 
•    Oversee the development of Client’s long range financial plan that provides Senior Management with information concerning the long-term profitability of Client and its individual facilities as well as providing relevant and up-to-date cash metrics such as projected cash flows and debt service ratios.
•    Work with the Risk Group to develop a process where the financial model output is integrated with enterprise risk software in order to provide an accurate risk profile assessment of the Authority’s long-term strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  
•    Develop and monitor a set of financial metrics for Client consistent with the view taken by each of the Rating Agencies in their assessment of Client.  Support Treasury in preparation for Rating Agency presentations.
•    Support Director – Financial Planning and Vice President – Finance in miscellaneous assignments, as required (e.g., Analysis of financial savings/benefits to Client customers versus competitive alternatives, etc.).
•    Support other Client business units with requested analyses.
Required Skills:
•    Strong leadership, planning and organizational skills required to manage a complex process involving many different departments within Client as well as customers, their consultants, and related contracts.
•    Strong managerial skills required to manage a staff of professionals and the contractual requirements for each customer segment in a constantly evolving marketplace.
•    Excellent communications and interpersonal skills to interact with various internal Client staff as well as customers in training and in collaborative rate-making processes pursuant to long-term contracts.
•    High degree of analytical/problem solving capability to analyze large volumes of data, interpret historical trends, identify key strategic issues and problems and recommend solutions in a very timely manner commensurate with the constantly evolving energy market.
•    Excellent statistical and quantitative analysis skills with the use of spreadsheets and databases to analyze past and forecast future financial trends. 
•    Ability to analyze financial, marketing and operational data and make recommendations to establish strategic benchmarks and goals is required.
•    Strong understanding of oil & gas markets, wholesale power markets, hedging structures and instruments is required. 
•    Knowledge of financial and bond markets is preferred.
•    Knowledge of more than one of the following areas is required:  marketing plans, budget process, rate design, contract interpretations, investment / cash management policies and procedures, accounting policy, or plant operations.
•    Advanced PC-based skills including knowledge of SAP, BW, Excel and Access database. 
•    Ability to ensure the promptness of departmental deliverables and ensure that financial models are kept current, procedures are maintained and followed and data is properly and sufficiently analyzed prior to report distribution. 
•    Ability to take a proactive approach to identify opportunities to improve efficiency of work processes and computer model systems.
•    Ability to organize and prioritize job assignments, and coordinate with Director, Vice President and other group members. 
•    In-depth knowledge of and strong background in Economics, Finance, or Accounting is required.
•    In-depth knowledge of the electric/utility industry and NYISO market required.
•    Strong understanding of Client’s overall operations is required.
•    Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite is required. 
•    General knowledge of SAP preferred.
•    Excellent oral and written communication skills are required, with the ability to clearly explain and present concepts in multiple areas of expertise to peers and management.
•    Strong willingness to adapt to change, with the ability to research and learn new areas as the business needs change.
•    Ability to work comfortably with all levels and all areas of the organization is required.
•    Ability to assist others in achievement of group goals and foster an environment of cooperation among group members.

Required Experience:
•    Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business, Mathematics, or related discipline is required. 
•    An advanced degree is Finance or Accounting is preferred.
•    15 years of broad experience in a Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Risk Management or relative financial role is preferred.
•    Knowledge of NYISO marketplace is preferred