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Network Consultant
Ref No.: 18-18138
Location: Sacramento, California
RFO Terminology The terms Vendor, Company, Offeror, Bidder, Consultant, and Contractor used in this RFO or any subsequent documents or communications related to this RFO are interchangeable and mean the entity submitting a response and seeking to enter into a contract for the services requested in this RFO. The terms Lottery used in this RFO or any subsequent documents or communications related to this RFO are interchangeable and mean the California State Lottery. B. Background and Purpose The IT Infrastructure Administration Unit Network team (Network Team) is composed of a team of network engineers. The Network Team is responsible for: • availability of switches, routers, firewalls, wireless network (WIFI), carrier circuits, and Voice over IP (VOIP) connectivity; • designing, supporting, maintaining, and documenting these systems and their interactions; • providing expert support related to the resolution of technology problems through effective communication and working relations with Lottery staff, customers, and stakeholders while ensuring the unit is adequately addressing the resolution of technical system problems in a timely manner; and • maintaining network infrastructure, which includes the following: internet, Wi-Fi, VoIP, Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), email communications, and other means for providing secure data transfers with our business partners, and performing upgrades of networking infrastructure, including all firewalls and network switches in all locations. The Lottery relies on the stability of its networks, and the Network Team must swiftly resolve any operational issues that inhibit normal Lottery business. In support of this requirement, the Lottery is in the process of re-engineering its core networking infrastructure, which includes the replacement of its core 8200 Juniper switches to 9200 ISP class switches. The following are the outstanding items yet to be transitioned: • Server Farm • Security Switch • Core Juniper Firewall • INET Juniper Firewall • WAN Juniper Firewall In addition, the Lottery will be replacing all Juniper firewalls with Palo Alto firewalls at Lottery Headquarters and at each of the nine District Offices and two Distribution Centers. The requested Consultant/Technician position will augment the three Information Technology Specialist I positions on the Network Team while network positions for Information Technology Specialist II classifications are recruited. The Lottery expects that the Consultant/Technician will support the re-engineering initiative and the Palo Alto Firewall replacements, along with the daily maintenance and operations of the Lottery's network infrastructure. The Consultant/Technician will also be responsible for resolving operational issues when there is a failure of the Lottery infrastructure.
RFO # 115137 Infrastructure Administration Network Consultant
The overall timeline for this effort is approximately 12 months. Additional information can be found in Exhibit A, Scope of Work. C. Projected Timetable The following projected timetable is set forth for informational and planning purposes. The Lottery may change these dates without an RFO amendment at its discretion: Event Date
 This RFO and the Offeror's response to this document will be made part of the Lottery's Purchase Order and the procurement contract file. Responses must conform to the format described in this section and contain all requested information and data. It is the Offeror's responsibility to provide all necessary information for the Lottery to evaluate the response, verify requested information, and determine the Offeror's staff qualifications and ability to provide the services defined in the Exhibit A, Scope of Work. Offeror must submit one copy of their response to the  Contact name and address contained on the first page of this RFO. All information required to respond to this RFO should be contained in this document, including the attached exhibits. Offeror