Ref No.: 18-17968
Location: Quincy, Massachusetts
Title: Quality Analyst
Location: Quincy, MA
Contract: 12 months
  • Under t:he direction of t:he Qua li ty Assurance (QA ) managr,t he QA A na l yst will review software
  • deve lopment: de liv erables including f unct iona l a nd Elect-ronic Data I nte rfac e requirement s; as well as use cases fo r a nalysis a nd t horoughness to c reat:e effect:iv e a nd reusable test sc ript:s a nd t:est: cases. The QA A na lyst: will eff ic ie nt:ly exec ut:e syst:em a nd user acClient pta nce test:ing, report result:s; record a nd t:ra ck
  • a ny defects to resol u t ion. This A naly st w ill be responsible fo r colla borat ing effective ly w it h project t:ea m members.
  • Ex perienClient Required:
  • Broad knowledge of t:e                                                      t:i ng a pproa ches a nd t:echniq ues fo r Client rt:ify ing softwa re accept:a nc   .
  • Diagnost:ic problem-so lv ing sk ills t:o he lp w it:h root-ca use a na l y s is a nd esta blishing repeata ble results.
  • Ex perience review ing t:he w ork of business a na ly sts a nd s ubj ect: mat:t:er experts t:o ensure w ell-defined requirements co ntri bute to complete f unctio nal use cases .
  • Experie nClient prat ic ipating in wa lkthrough sessions w it h deve lo pme nt tea m to review completeness of f unctio nality .
  • Experie nClient deve lo ping test pla ns from user specif ica t io ns and sce nario s.
  • Experience creat ing deta iled robust a nd relia ble test cases/sc ripts based on input ( requirements a nd use cases) fo r deployment during sta nda rd test ing lif ecyc le.
  • Experience w it h indust:ry sta ndard qua lity assurance tools for regression test ing, performa nce testing, a nd co mplia nClient Clientrtif icat io n.
  • Prio r ex perie nce w it h Hea lth a nd Human Se rvices a pplicat:ions or ot he r governmenta l data processing a pplicat:ions desired. St rong preference give n to ca ndidat:e wit h proven
  • ex perie nce in la rge hea lt h pla n administ rat io n especia lly Medica id a nd or CHIP or ot her public hea lt h applicat io ns of a similar nat:ure.
  • Know ledge of hea lt hca re ins urance principles a nd processes s uc h as eligibility syst:e ms1
  • Medica id Manageme nt Inf ormat io n Syste m ( MMIS) 1 Medica id' operatio ns ex perie nce, Member a nd provide r a nd public secto r e nv ironment ex perie nce is a plus.
  • Experie nce w it h HIPAA A NSI X 12 sta ndards a nd EDI 8341 820., 270, 2711 837 a nd 999 .
  • Experie nce w it h MMIS Cla ims adjudicat:ion pric Ing.
  • Experie nce                            w it h se le nium a nd Core Java
  • Experie nce w it h O rac le Data base a nd w rit ing SQL queries includ ing complex subque ries .
  • Experie nce w it h UNIX a nd LINUX e nv ironme nt:s a nd a ble t:o use UNIX comma nds.
  • Experie nce w it:h we b se rvices1 SOA P a nd SOA .
  • Experience w it h HIPAA complia nce too ls s uc h as Sybase o r OX I or s imila r too l.
  • Experience in Client A LM or J IRA or simila1 r product:s.
  • Oher dut:ies as assigned.
Warm Regards,
Shashi kumar
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