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VP Controller
Ref No.: 18-15653
Location: White Plains, New York
Job Description:
  • Responsible for the accounting operations of the client including the production of periodic financial reports, maintenance of a system of supporting accounting records, and a comprehensive system of controls designed to enhance the accuracy of the client's reported financial results and ensure that results comply with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Manages the client's accounting policies, practices and processes in accordance with sound accounting and budgetary practices to meet compliance requirements and safeguard client assets.
  • Improve efficiency, accuracy and controls of financial processes including payroll, billing, and accounts payable using advanced technology and other methods.
  • Improve financial controls throughout client's businesses in collaboration with risk management and audit.
  • Establishes, implement and maintain corporate accounting policies and control procedures to protect the assets of the company and ensure the integrity of financial information and processes throughout client's business areas.
  • Partners with Operations and other client departments to provide access to financial information and insight to support decision-making with solid business analysis to improve financial performance of the company.
  • Advises executive management on the financial/accounting implications of major decisions and issues facing the company.
  • Analyzes proposed legislation, regulations, and accounting standards to determine financial impact on the company and develop strategies for addressing these issues.
  • Coordinates with Financial Planning and Budgets in the preparation of Board financial reports and management reports including the interpretation of monthly variances (Net income, EVA, cash flows etc).
  • Provides accounting guidance and technical support to Financial Planning and Budgets with regard to the analysis of planned future transactions & potential future scenarios.
  • Plays lead role supporting IT with ERP system maintenance, operations and evolution to scale with business growth in meeting management information system requirements
  • Oversees payroll and accounts payable activities to ensure prompt and accurate payment. Oversees billing and cash collection activities to ensure prompt and collections from customers.
  • Maintains and enhances the efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy of accounting processes in line with best practices and using new technology to support the company's strategic objectives such as cost reduction and improved customer service.
  • Manages the company's participation and response to audits and other review processes of company's operations by outside auditors, including the State Comptroller's office, the State Budget Division, the State Legislature, etc.
  • Ensures client compliance with external accounting standards promulgated by GASB, FASB & others.
  • Coordinates activities with the line organizations to ensure the consistent application of accounting and budgeting policies and practices at the company's operating facilities.
  • Recruits, develops and motivates staff to ensure a high-quality, productive workforce
  • Manages the services of the independent accountant supporting the annual audit examination of the company's financial statements.

Required Skills:
  • Knowledgeable in corporate and governmental accounting requirements and practices, including GAAP, FASB, GASB and in effective budgeting and planning techniques.
  • Broad knowledge of utility industry issues including operations, marketing, finance, rates and revenue requirements, energy trading and derivatives and risk issues.
  • Excellent presentation, written, and verbal communication skills required.
  • Strong analytical capability and the ability to formulate effective and actionable solutions.
  • Must have the knowledge and capability to link planning and administrative activities to the strategic orientation and direction of the organization.
  • Ability to build strong relationships with all levels within an organization
  • Strong problem-solving, organizational and negotiation skills are required

Required Experience:
  • This position requires a seasoned financial executive with demonstrated ability to manage a controllership function incorporating the financial reporting and accounting functions.
  • Demonstrated effective managerial and interpersonal skills.
  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, with major in accounting and/or finance required.
  • Minimum ten (10) years functional experience at the executive level.
  • CPA or equivalent experience required.