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Desktop Support
Ref No.: 18-15635
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Job Title: Desktop Support
Duration: 12 Months
Location: Des Moines, IA

Desktop Support 3 (DS3) performs all roles of a DS2 and assumes team leadership responsibilities, mentors junior team members, possesses extensive networking knowledge, and has experience working with complex systems and/or custom hardware.

The candidate must be able to interface with a variety of vendors to assist in troubleshooting and resolving issues. They will act as the point person between the impacted business and the vendor in charge of supporting the application. Must have the ability to effectively monitor application status and vendor progress while communicating to management. Developing an intricate knowledge of the various systems and how they interact to support business needs will be essential.

The candidate must be familiar with building basic SQL statements and running reports against Microsoft SQL Server. Other reports may also be requested and run through various application interfaces. Intermediate experience with Excel will be beneficial.

The candidate will perform general end user support for computers, tablets, warehouse scanners, printers, etc.

Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience
General end user support for computers, laptop, cell phones and tablets Required 3 Years
General printer troubleshooting and maintenance, including support for the warehouse scanners. Required 3 Years
Intermediate experience with Excel and Access Required 3 Years
Troubleshoot VOIP (Skype) Highly desired  
Meeting room Conference Tech System (CTS) management and troubleshooting Required 2 Years
Familiarity with mass email applications (GovDelivery) to create and update mailers. Highly desired  
Ability to write and run read only SQL for reporting and troubleshooting purposes Required 2 Years
Microsoft Visual Studio, be able to open VS to run some SQL scripts Required 1 Year
Ability to act as technical contact for 3rd party apps (MS Dynamics AX/warehousing) Highly desired  
Basic website maintenance including SSL, DNS, 508 Compliance, HTML, PHP, CSS. Highly desired  
Ability to work with Drupal, a CMS where they may build a basic web page and maintain it. Highly desired