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Maintenance Technician Mechanical
Ref No.: 18-14485
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Duration:6 month(s)

Job Summary:

The role of the Maintenance Mechanical Technician is to competently perform all of the required maintenance tasks on Drilling and Measurements downhole tools and wellsite surface systems. These tasks include system testing, assembly and disassembly, service levels, calibration, environmental screening, modification, troubleshooting and repair, all of which must be completed in conformance with D&M and Standards, procedures and practices.

Relationships: The Maintenance Mechanical Technician reports in most cases directly to the Maintenance Supervisor or in some cases directly to the Maintenance Manager or department team leader depending on the local organizational structure within the D&M Facility.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

People & Training
•Follows in the D&M equip Technician Training and Development Program.
•Obtains and maintains the required competencies to perform their job.
•Understands and complies with policies and standards.
•Assists in the development and coaching of less senior Maintenance Technicians.
•Promotes the importance of Service Quality, Service Delivery and flawless job execution within the maintenance community.
•Works closely with peers within the maintenance function as part of a strong and dynamic team.
•Liaises, where required with Field Operations Personnel.

Process & Equipment
•Performs the required maintenance tasks in accordance with work orders and documented service level procedures and workmanship standards.
•Accurately and timely documents all maintenance tasks using the most up to date Computerized Maintenance Management System (RMS or Q-Trak).
•Performs equipment repair and modification in a competent complete manner in accordance with documented procedures and workmanship standards.
•Familiar with and strictly adheres to assigned locations documented work processes.
•Performs troubleshooting on defective equipment in order to isolate the root cause and effectively repair.
•Understands and helps drive the World Wide Service Quality Plan within the location.
•Actively uses InTouch Support both for technical solutions and for knowledge sharing.
•Actively participates in process improvement initiatives such as LEAN and Six Sigma as an important contributor continual process improvement.
•Reports honestly and accurately at all times.

Quality & HSE
•Promotes a culture of safety awareness quality within the maintenance community.
•Wears the required PPE at all times within the Maintenance Facility.
•Ensures his/her work areas are safe, clean and orderly at all times.
•Follows and is accountable to  policies and procedures on health, safety and environment.
•Uses QUEST to report both Quality and HSE events and for follow up on action items.
•Maintains at all times up-to-date generic and job-related Quality and HSE training.
•Is committed to the highest levels of quality in their work with a strong “do it right first time mentality”.

Previous Experience and Competencies:
Experience: Maintenance Mechanical Technicians will typically have progressed through the Trainee technician phase of the fixed step program and illustrated the required technical competencies as defined in the program to be promoted to Maintenance Mechanical Technician.

All Maintenance Mechanical Technicians are required to achieve and maintain the specific competencies related to their job function and technology they are assigned to work on within their locations maintenance department. These competencies include: workmanship, tool specific technical, required Business System (InTouch, Q-Trac etc), HSE Standards as well as segment specific Quality Standards. All required competency certifications are assigned, granted and tracked via the competency management system (iLearn).

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