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Vendor Manager
Ref No.: 18-10577
Location: Syracuse, New York


Vendor Manager


Conducts on-site End of Job Walkthrough ( EOJ ) of central office equipment installations, including transport, switch, and power, to ensure compliance with Telecommunication Standards including: the IP72202, the GR1275, TBASD, Telecommunication Practices, Drawings, and Support Bulletins. Deviations from the standards are documented via written EOJ Defect spreadsheet and forwarded to the appropriate installation authority for correction. The Vendor Manager must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Outlook, CCP (Capacity Creation Process), central office equipment, engineering standards, and installation standards. The Vendor Manager must have excellent organizational skills including the ability to plan their own weekly schedule based on moving job priorities. Additionally, writing and oratory skills must be excellent as the Vendor Manager must communicate with engineering and installation organizations on a daily basis. 1 to 5 years of experience. Travel as needed to meet business demand. Submit travel vouchers for hotel, meals and mileage on a weekly basis.


1. Supplier will track in CCP all installation job milestones in NYS region.
2. Supplier will perform EOJ on 100% of completed installations in NYS region.
3. Supplier will track target dates to insure EOJ's are completed within 10 days of in service milestone.
4. Supplier will perform preliminary Q/A's and convey deviations or changes to the responsible Telecommunication supervisor for remediation.
5. Supplier will provide documentation and feedback to management on EOJ's completed, quality issues, and any and all issues related to job completion and adherence to Telecommunication's installation and quality standards.


-Self Motivated
-Adapts to change
-Ability to work in a mobile environment
-Quick to learn new skills
-PC literate, ability to use Microsoft Office suite to communicate clearly


Job duties are performed during normal business hours 7:30am to 4:pm but can be flexed with prior discussion and approval.


Travel as needed to complete EOJ walkthrough's in a timely manner in the NYS Region.

Jagannath Swain
703 889 6694