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Equipment Maintenance
Ref No.: 18-10527
Location: Sumter, South Carolina
 Set-up, operate, optimize, changeover/troubleshoot, and maintain assigned departmental production equipment. Responsible for meeting/exceeding production standards, maintaining product quality, minimizing/preventing equipment downtime, and sustaining budgeted waste levels on a daily basis. 

1. Has detailed operational knowledge of the equipment to the point that he/she can operate within specified quality/quantity limits. 
2. Sets up and debugs equipment to the specifications listed in specifications, plant policies, and Department Procedures. Deviations from these specifications must be cleared with the supervisor or Engineering 
3. Maintains equipment in working order to produce product within specified quality and quantity limits; adjusting, troubleshooting, cleaning and repairing as necessary. 
4. Is responsible for maintaining equipment logs for each piece of equipment, recording pertinent information about downtime and maintenance problems. Must have clear and legible handwriting. 
5. Repairs equipment within his/her capability and reports major problems to supervisor. Assists the Maintenance Department, LTA/Production Mechanic or Manufacturing Technician in major repairs. 
6. Performs preventative maintenance on the equipment as specified in the plant preventative maintenance (PM) program or as needed for smooth operation. 
7. Requires mechanical ability and knowledge of proper use of tools, proper troubleshooting and set up procedures, and machine blueprint reading. 
8. Starts up equipment and ensures proper functioning of machines and control panel. Monitors / replenishes component inventories and ensures all safety guards are in position and functional. 
9. Checks and cleans part tracks to ensure free travel of all component parts. 
10. Notifies material handler if part supplies run low. 
11. Shuts machine cycle off when a jam occurs and after clearing the jam, restarts the machine cycle. 
12. Maintains accurate production and downtime records (logbooks). 
13. Maintains a neat and orderly production environment. Continually monitors in-process quality, addressing issues as needed to prevent product holds. Performs and documents all required Q.C. checks. Runs all required process challenges. Observes all safety and environmental procedures and Quality System Requirements (QSR). Supports upstream and downstream operations. Performs rework as required. Able to function in a team environment. 

ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Performs other duties as assigned by Supervisor and required to support the needs of the business.