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Product Marketing - Seasonal Hire - WIN
Ref No.: 18-09793
Location: San Jose, California
1.60Ghz Messaging reset as 11ay begins to emerge, many in the industry will ask why (as a follow on to 11ad) we should care given 11ad hasnt really taken off? The task here is to reframe (new messaging, taken to field afresh) utilizing the evolving use cases for 10Gbps Wi-Fi. Pivot from fatter pipes positioning to: 60Ghz as the long-awaited replacement for broadband fiber (proof points well use: Terragraph, Huawei) 60Ghz as the replacement for ethernet 60Ghz for VR and Gaming (ASUS gaming phone /FB Oculus end of year) 60Ghz for spectral AI (image and profile recognition for motion, medical detection (fall, HR, etc.), facial recognition). 2.Sell Mesh Networking Platform into home builder ecosystem with companies like First Alert (through acquisition of Luma) and Foxconn (w/acquisition of Linksys) looming in the home Client space, home builders and clamoring for points of integration with smart home providers to outfit new construction with differentiating options for buyers. Mesh as an avenue for deployment of blazing fast Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere, integrated IoT connectivity support and Voice control, as well as spectral AI for security purposes, Qualcomm has a unique story to sell into home builders. This project requires custom messaging, potential research, content production and deployment to drive this sizable sales opportunity. 3.Web updates Mesh Networking traction update (just need to add full complement of products) Mesh Wi-Fi for Carriers (distinct messaging targeting carriers isnt present, major revenue stream in 2nd half of this year) Next Gen Mesh Networking adding voice, IoT, sensor capabilities (driving a refresh of all retail routers in 2nd half of this year eero, Netgear orbi, etc.) 11ax has moved into commercial phase, so traction/leadership achieved isnt reflected, and messaging is 100% B2B, needs to reflect user value prop.
Minimum Qualifications:
The ideal candidate will have an interest and knowledge in Wi-Fi, be highly organized and motivated.
Preferred Qualifications:
The ideal candidate has a base knowledge of marketing and technical knowledge in Wi-Fi. The ideal candidate will be a junior/senior undergrad or MBA candidate.
The ideal candidate will be a junior/senior undergrad or MBA candidate.
Candidate's graduation date must be at least after December 2018. Pay rate will be determined on estimated graduation date.