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SCADA Engineer/ Engineer
Ref No.: 18-09255
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Title: SCADA Engineer/ Engineer
Duration: 12 month(s)
Location: Metairie LA / Little Rock AR/Pine Bluff AR
Ideal candidate would be local to Metairie, LA but will consider someone in Little Rock and Pine Bluff Arkansas
Position Description:
  • This Scope of Work (SOW) defines requirements and responsibilities of the contractor to provide resources for performing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) master side RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) checkout services on Entergy’s Client based systems.
  • Due to the mission critical nature of this work, it is expected that any resource provided will follow all Entergy safety and work practices.
  • It is recognized that the nature of RTU and SCADA work is very detail oriented. It is expected that resources provided will use good HU tools and their experience to ensure the work delivered is of a high quality without sacrificing safety for any reason.
  • Contractor will provide resources on an as needed basses for work on projects involving SCADA system master side checkouts. The RTU is the device or collection of devices in an electrical substation, natural gas yard or other field locations that interfaces with measurement devices or apparatus in the facility and provide the interface to the SCADA system used to operate the system as well as report system conditions that others such as planning or maintenance team will need to perform their functions for the system. Resources should be familiar and able to perform the following times but not limited to:
  • Able to review data that comes into the SCADA system from RTUs in the field. This data will be verified with resources in the field to ensure the data is accurate and placed correctly on any display related to that data. Any data point found to be inoperable will be placed in the uncommissioned state per the OTSS Checkout procedure.
  • Shall be able to identify any display that included data being checked out.
  • Resources shall be able to identify and track data being shared between EMSs (Energy Management Systems; various SCADA systems Client uses for different functions) and ensure that the data is displayed correctly on each EMS.
  • Shall coordinate all control point testing with Operations and Field personnel to ensure that these points are functionally correct. It should also be verified that only the appropriate EMS is able to operate a control point when data is shared between systems
  • Resources that preform RTU Checkouts should be capable of supporting the EMS Database updates so that new or updated data points can be introduced for projects and then verified operating correctly.
  • Contractor will provide resources that will require minimal training. Any resource provided should have a fundamental understanding of SCADA systems. This should include but not limited to the use of Analog, Digital and Counter Inputs. Resources should understand what these type of data input are and how they are applied and the limitations of each. This is critical to being able to ensure that the data coming into the SCADA system is accurate and applied correctly for an operator’s use or anyone needing to review historical system records.
  • Digital and Analog Control Outputs. Resources should understand the significance in configuring and operating SCADA system control points. Operating system control points will be required in not only RTU checkout work but in RTU maintenance and configuration. Operation of these points must be done with care and coordination. Resources will be required to coordinate appropriately with the field personnel and operators to ensure testing of these control point will be done in a safe and controlled fashion. A clear understanding of the facility and its operations where work is being performed is essential to ensuring the system is functionally tested in a safe manner.
If you are interested in the above opportunity please send your recent resume to or contact on 703-889-6713.