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Heavy Equipment Operator
Ref No.: 18-04798
Location: Eden, North Carolina
Job Details:

Overview of Assignment:
Operators with experience with operations on Dozers and or a large excavators.
Dozer operator must be efficient at placing fill and grading with a dozer.
Excavator operator must be experienced on large excavators and capable of loading off road trucks.

Project Information:

The Dan River project is a former Duke Energy coal fired generation plant located in Eden NC, the projected will take 2 1/2 years to complete and consists of three phases.
Initial phase started in April 2017 and consists of relocation of 130,000 CY of coal ash to a temporary storage area.
This material will be relocated to the landfill at a later date.
Second phase consists or dewatering, excavation, loading and hauling of 2,500,000 CY of coal ash to a landfill on the Dan River site, and placement of this coal ash into lined landfill.
The final phase is capping and close out of the landfill including installation of a HDPE liner system with water collection, vegetation, etc.

Skill set will very depending on equipment assignment.
However those with good skills on most or all the equipment required on site will be preferred.
Operators with experience with electronic grade control preferred.

• Large excavators (Cat 349 or equal) for excavation and loading of Coal Ash (CA) with grade control.
• Long Stick Excavators (+/- 60 foot reach) for excavation and stockpiling of CA
• Dozers for CA placement and site grading with grade control
• Grader for road construction and maintenance
• Roller for CA compaction

Experience and Qualifications:

High school diploma or equivalent.
Preferred experience of two (2) years demonstrated relevant experience in the operation of the heavy equipment described above, capability for fieldwork involving heavy lifting and climbing over rough terrain under various weather conditions.
Persons holding national accredited certifications in equipment operation are preferred.

Interested Candidates please call at 703-889-6856 or share resume on
Sachin Doefode
Sr. Associate.