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Senior Product Development Engineer
Ref No.: 18-02220
Location: San Diego, California
 Critical requirements:
  • 5+ years of medical product design experience
    • We're looking for someone who is easily bored in other product development positions where they only contribute to a small portion of the project.  Here they can manage entire programs and work on a wide variety of medical products.  The only thing we don't offer here are management.  However, even for people that are looking to get into management this job provides a great stepping stone to a management position since it provides a variety of intensive experience that is required to become a manager.  A year of experience here is like 5 years anywhere else.
  • Candidate should have a portfolio of a medical products brought to market.
    • Ideally the products have some variety. The challenge hiring someone with 20 years making one product type (catheters is a good example where someone tends to stick in that area for many years) is that their experience is narrowly focused and not useful for any other product types, yet they want to be paid for all of the years of experience they have.  It creates a bit of an incompatibility.  If they are willing to compromise on salary then we may have a fit or we can come to an agreement that we can re-evaluate salary after several months if we find that they can perform well with a variety of products in spite of their narrow experience.
  • Proficiency with Solidworks or similar CAD software
  • Minimum of a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering or similar engineering degree.
Nice to haves:
  • It's ideal if the candidate has experience with the first step required to develop products: concept development, the ability to come up with creative engineering solutions from a set of written requirements.  Most engineers can develop a product from an existing design.  More difficult to find is the creativity it takes to come up with designs from scratch.
Superior written and oral communication skills in order to function effectively as a project manager interfacing directly with the customer