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Infrastructure technical analyst
Ref No.: 17-24901
Location: San Diego, California
* Fulfilling infrastructure strategy objectives on a day-to-day basis as well as reporting on key milestones/timeline. * Assist with infrastructure budgeting/planning/procurement/tracking/documentation * Periodically audit infrastructure capacity, resource usage, system availability and plan ways to remediate downtime risks * Fulfill responsibilities for Corporate IT run infrastructure projects and directives. * Periodically meet with infrastructure sub-teams to address infrastructure capacity, performance, scalability, availability, recovery and other concerns * Vet all incoming infrastructure requests for alignment with infrastructure standards. Create infrastructure tickets as needed and verify/rectify accuracy of fulfilled tickets. * Manage and schedule infrastructure movement, patching, upgrades, decommissioning in alignment with infrastructure strategy objectives. * Assist application teams with troubleshooting infrastructure issues and planning/fulfilling infrastructure needs while complying with infrastructure standards and budget constraints.
Minimum Qualifications:
* 7+ years with enterprise infrastructure management, planning and procurement experience including (Linux-, Windows-based servers) * Moderate understanding of Bash/Python scripting as well as POSIX commands. * Comfortable with infrastructure monitoring, event escalation and follow-the-sun notification strategies. * Moderate understanding of NAS, SAN storage technologies as well as issues related to mounting and tuning performance of fileshares via NFS, CIFS * Moderate understanding of managing VM/Docker images * Moderate understanding of POSIX ACL, LDAP, AD and list management * Experience with data-center planning including capacity planning, high-availability infrastructure, performance bottleneck-analysis * Experience coordinating big infrastructure tasks (patches, upgrades, replacements, data/server migrations, fail-over testing) with storage, hardware, network, data-center and application teams. * Capable of managing multi-tier, always-on, tier-1 enterprise infrastructure. * Effective communication, documentation and problem-solving skills are required.
Preferred Qualifications:
* Experience with Hadoop and Cloud/AWS infrastructure would be a plus
Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience