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Network Solutions Engineer
Ref No.: 17-24644
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Title: Network Solution Engineer
Location: St. Louis, MO
Duration: 12+ Month
Daily Responsibilities
This position is a lead network resource responsible for interacting internally with Strategy and Design Engineers to assist in the planning and design of future Network Architecture designs. It also involves on-going collaboration with Information Security to maintain the integrity of our physical firewall infrastructure to mitigate “denial of service” attacks from the outside. This position will be responsible for building and running POC’s. In addition, proactive monitoring and redundant designs to allow non-impacting maintenance are provided, as are enhanced internal / external routing protocols to provide efficiencies.

Technical Skills:
Advanced in all areas: Cisco Routers (IOS) Advanced, Cisco Switches Advanced, Routing Protocols (BGP, OSPF, EIGRP), Layer II Protocols (Spanning-Tree, VLAN) Advanced, TCP/IP Advanced, TCP/IP Advanced, Network Automation Intermediate, Data Center Technologies (Multi-Tenant, vPC, OTV) Advanced, Multicast, MPLS, Security (Firewalls & IPS)
• Cisco Routers
o IOS (Advanced)
o IOS-XR (Advanced)
o NXOS (Advanced)

• Cisco Switches (Advanced)

• Routing Protocols
o BGP (Advanced)
o OSPF (Advanced)
o EIGRP (Advanced)

• Layer ll protocols
o Spanning-tree (Advanced)
o 802.1X (Advanced)
o Ether-Channels (Advanced)
o VLAN trunking (Advanced)

• TCP/IP (Advanced)
• OSI Model
o Understanding of each layer and how they interact (Advanced)

• Network automation
o ACI (Proficient)
o SDN (Proficient)
o SD-WAN (Advanced)

• Data-Center Technologies
o Multi-Tenant (Advanced)
o VDC (Proficient)
o vPC (Advanced)
o VX-LAN (Proficient)
o OTV (Intermediate)

• QoS
o For Voice (Proficient)
o For Data (Advanced)
o For network control protocols (Advanced)

• Multicast (Advanced)
• MPLS (Advanced)
• Cloud architecture (Proficient)
• Wireless technologies (Intermediate)
• Security
o Firewalls (Basic)
o IPS (Basic)

• Documentation Skills
o Microsoft Word (Proficient)
o Microsoft Visio (Proficient)
o The ability to use network devices to create accurate topology diagrams (Advanced)
Network architecture is the design of a communication network. It is a framework for the specification of a network's physical components and their functional organization and configuration, its operational principles and procedures, as well as data formats use.