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Maintenance/ General Mechanic
Ref No.: 17-24263
Location: Ayer, Massachusetts
  • Assist the Facility Department in ensuring all building facilities, grounds are properly cleaned, maintained and serviced, including cleaning bathrooms, painting, landscaping, snow removal, etc. 
  • Properly maintain of working of machinery for production and assist in heavy loading of material. Uses wide variety of tools; (Trades Specific) maintains records of work performed, parts used and time spent. Works with limited supervision, and take direct orders from skilled maintenance and production staff.

                  1. Be on-call for weather/ building troubleshooting. ( Snow/ Production related).Be able to repair a variety of small equipment with limited guidance. Be able to                                  identify and call for help when is needed in order to keep proper building and equipment maintained.
                  2. Perform walk-through inspections of facility to locate and fix items in need of repair.
                  3. Perform snow removal ( walks, use of snow blower) as required.
                  4. Perform cleaning functions (bathrooms, showers, toilets, waist receptacles.)
                  5. Perform minor repairs to walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, etc. Change light bulbs, diffusers, lenses, etc. Change or clean air handling unit filters.
                  6 . Perform preventive maintenance tasks to equipment. (Supervised).
                  7. Make recommendations to the Facilities Supervisor of occurring issues, in proper time.
                  8. Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Education - High School diploma or GED
  • Experience - Minimum 1-2 years with hands-on experience in any variety of maintenance and or troubleshooting.