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Scala Developer
Ref No.: 17-24230
Location: Irving, Texas
Scala Developer for Big Data stack.


Describe in detail the tasks that the worker will be performing on a daily basis. Elaborate on the project/s they will work on and overall functions of this group. Best to put in paragraph form as a brief synopsis of the fundamental expectations of the proper candidate.

Working in developing a highly scalable systems using Spark streams and Akka Streams. Choice of language will be Scala or Java based on use case. The system will be deployed and maintained using Docker Images across an AWS cluster. The person will be responsible for developing functional flows for handling thousands of transaction per second in real time and working with machine learning models to give real time results. The person will also be responsible for successful deployment of the developed solution. The person must be aware of test driven development to work as a core member of the small Agile team.


Best to use bullet points. List each skill (development languages, acronyms, quick-hit descriptions of functions expected of the worker, etc ..) and years of experience or range for each outlined required skill.

This section is the most paramount. A qualified candidate must possess each skill (or vast majority in so
me cases) to be considered.

3-4 years experience with SCALA
4-5 years of JAVA experience
Functional programing paradigm
Experience with Machine learning libraries, some Data Modeling experience
Experience with Spark streams a plus
Knowledge of Kafka
Experience with Docker images


Best to use bullet points and same basic format as the previous section

This section would describe the “perfect candidate”. These skills are not required to perform the role, but would be helpful and in some cases could supersede a missing “must have” skill

Highly scalable system architectures
Some experience with Fortify.
CI/CD process in particular - GIT (Bitbucket), Jenkins, Jira, Confluence
Knowledge of Kubernetes
Knowledge of NoSQL Databases ( Cassandra, Elastic, ReDIS ...)
Knowledge of Akka or any other microservices platform
Knowledge of secure coding with OWASP coding practices
Knowledge of Hortonworks toolset (Zookeeper, HDFS, etc)


Please note whether education and/or certifications are required or desired

Hortonworks HDPC JAVA Certifications
AWS Developer certification
Abhishek Tiwari