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Master Scheduler
Ref No.: 18-42808
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Skill Type
Skill Type:Engineering
Major purpose:
Master Schedules MRP and plans shop work order schedules for the manufacture of products. The individual in this position has the responsibility and the authority to carry out assigned tasks.

Major functions:
• Develop, evaluate, and improve manufacturing master scheduling and planning methods utilizing Lean Manufacturing concepts and initiatives. Operational objectives are reduced mfg cycle times, continuous flow and finite resource allocation (fixed batch size), near-zero WIP $$ and near-zero FGI $$ at month end. Works to improve team processes in support of the lean initiative.
• Interface with sales and marketing to manage Sales Order acceptance, forecast demand and next available delivery schedules for contract administration.
• Initialize the MRP system for new release product (deck the product) by setting mfg lead time, make or buy, order size, and other appropriate parameters required by the MRP program.
• Utilize the MRP system to communicate the voice of the customer, via marketing forecast and firm sales, to chart the coarse for product demand into the near and long term future. Transact the forecast demand to planned work orders, as appropriate, to position material demand to the beginning of each month.
• Transition near term (inside 30 days) MRP requirements into the production team build schedule, using a Demand-Pull system approach, in order to synchronize the work groups for minimum manufacturing cycle time. Adjust or create work orders as necessary to balance firm sales and unsold forecast. Relieve forecast as daily sales are accepted.
• Integrate the functions of master scheduling, engineered work flow, and resource availability to plan the shop build schedule with the work cell design parameters for each family of product. These parameters are designed with the cooperation of operations Engineering and Supervision to specify the resource requirements to produce a specific batch size work order, and to provide sufficient data to the planner to determine rules for job release. The resultant daily shop build calendar is posted to the work cell.
• Monitor daily sales and forecast changes, and manage the demand for product.
• Keeps in balance the order release dates for management of $$WIP and $$FGI levels at month end. Provide periodic analysis of excess material in Raw, WIP and FGI and recommend write off plan.
• Participate in team improvement and Kaizen events to provide planning insight into the discussions.
• Support 5-S, Visual Systems communications, and other Lean Mfg methods implemented across the team, with a key focus on cycle time reduction.
• Keep in balance the release of work orders for finite resource utilization of people, machines, and time in support of the work cell designs.
• Use JIT standard and customized schedule reports to manage shop work order release, completion, and inventory usage. Performance metrics at month end include work order percent completion (or a WIP $$ metric), percent on-time delivery of product to customer ship dates.
• Provide planning parameters to the purchasing group for material delivery requirements, last time buys, and new product introduction schedules.
• Prepare work-around plans for surge capacity or expedited delivery demand.
• Maintain personal skills necessary to properly assess schedule performance and JIT related transaction issues. May analyze and resolve forecast, MRP and JIT related problems, or assist supervisors in resolving work order related problems. Represents manufacturing in product analysis situations, such as warranty support and last time buy investigations.
• Act to maintain the discipline to process batch size and release rates expected of the manufacturing processes set in place for each product. Works in concert with the Operations Engineer to understand the process methods.
• Perform sustaining planning and bill of material (BOM) activities on assigned products, in concert with product design sustaining engineering activities. Review, support approval and implement engineering change notice (ECN) activity as required. The planner is responsibility for configuration control of work order kits, work in process, and finished assemblies.
• Responsible for performing job duties in a manner consistent with established Ethics Standards.
• Responsible for working in a manner consistent with established safety rules and regulations and the use and maintenance of required personal protective equipment; including, but not limited to safety glasses, etc.
• Performs job duties in accordance with approved procedures established in support of Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (Education, Experience, & Competencies)
• Associate's degree (AA) or equivalent from two-year college; or high school diploma and five years related manufacturing scheduling experience and/or training; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

PREFERRED REQUIREMENTS (Education, Experience, & Competencies)
• Bachelor's degree and ten (10) years manufacturing scheduling experience;
• Strong working knowledge of lean manufacturing concepts and practices;
• Conversant in the operations ISO procedures and systems and capable of maintaining and evolving such procedures and systems as needed in a continuous improvement environment.

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