Previous Job
Contingent - Technician L2
Ref No.: 18-38061
Location: Raymond, Ohio
Position Type:Contract
Skill Type
Skill Type:Engineering
Job Responsibilities, Activities, and Requirements include:
1)Chassis dynamometer test vehicle installation and removal.
2)Chassis dynamometer measurement of emissions and fuel economy.
3)Operation of highly sensitive, complex analytical test equipment and control software for Chassis Dyno, Emission Analytical systems, and supporting test equipment.
4)Operation of engine ECU interface software.
5)Collection, summary, and basic analysis of data from engine control unit, dynamometer, emission measurement, and supporting test equipment.
6) Mechanical skills for changing parts on vehicles, such as catalysts, injectors, sensors, intake & exhaust manifolds, brakes, tires, engine & transmission assemblies, performing engine valve clearance adjustment, tire mounting and balancing, and maintenance, such as oil changes.
7)Follow prescribed Emission Lab Quality Control processes, collect data, and summarize results from test equipment.
8) Mechanical and Electrical troubleshooting and repair of vehicles and test equipment.
9)Must have a thorough understanding of modern internal combustion engine operation theory and demonstrated practical application evident in work history and technical training.
10) Working knowledge of Microsoft office software packages, including MS Excel, and Powerpoint.
11) Must have personal initiative, high motivation, and ability to work independently while following complex routines precisely with minimal direction.
12) Attention to detail and excellent record keeping skills are required.
13) Personal organization and work area cleanliness are required.