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Quality Technician
Ref No.: 18-38022
Location: LONDON, Kentucky
Position Type:Right to Hire
Pay Rate : $ 17.00 /Hour
Skill Type
Skill Type:Engineering
Duties / Responsibility:
  1. Understanding of engineering drawings, schematic diagrams, or formulas and confers with management or engineering staff to determine quality and reliability standards.
  2. Performs routine checks, tests, gauging and instrument inspections of materials, goods in process and finished goods. Inspects and tests finished products and incoming parts to ensure that specifications are met.
  3. Records test data, applying statistical quality control procedures.
  4. Evaluates serious or repeated quality problems to help determine the cause and prevent further occurrences.
  5. Evaluates data, applying statistical quality control procedures.
  6. Prepares graphs or charts of data and enters data into computer for analysis.
  7. Maintains quality records for the facility.
  8. Maintains and programs and operates CMMs.
  9. Assists in schedule of layout of parts with other CMM operators to maintain equal distribution of layout workloads for all special projects such as PPAP submittals and ECNs.
  10. Manages the Calibration System at the company. Maintains calibration records and data base. Performs repairs and calibration of all gages and test equipment/fixtures either in house or by the outside vendor.
  11. Maintains and operates the salt spray testing booth.
  12. As Lead Tech trains personnel as required on proper use and function of gages, test equipment and fixtures.
  13. Maintains and operates the Datapaq system and data base used to monitor the paint oven cure temp.
  14. Performs assigned routine tests on materials, goods in process and finished goods where results are compared with company quality standards. Reports results to QE and QAM who will make an analysis and take appropriate action.
  15. Conducts inspection, weld tests/ATM of parts based upon specified criteria and red tags nonconforming parts or material.
  16. Performs detailed quality inspection on a routine hourly basis (first/last/in process pieces) or when necessary to determine quality of product where limits are not clearly defined. Removes defective product and places acceptable product back on the production line. Stops production if a nonconformance is identified
  17. Notifies line supervisors or supervisors when inspection data exceeds acceptable limits or when major incidents of poor quality are noted. Answers production operator calls as necessary.
  18. Records results on inspection forms or charts and reports number of defects found. Posts and maintains forms and charts of inspection data, quality levels, or special quality studies.
  19. Completes quality assurance checklist during the specific production process.
  20. Verifies identification of part and supplier and supplier (internal or outside supplier). Performs inspection procedures including checking dimensions of related surfaces, holes, etc., as well as assessment of finish, hardness and detection of cracks or any other defects.
  21. Checks salvage possibilities of items outside specifications limits and recommends reworking where possible. Otherwise, disposes in scrap bin after review with management. Notifies QAM of incorrect machining trends.
  22. Assists with filing appropriate QC paperwork, cleaning the lab and sharing important quality related information.
  23. Perform gage R & R studies as required.
  24. Report any unsafe working conditions to the area supervisor or senior staff.
  25. Instruct manufacturing personnel in the handling and use of any precision instruments or gages.
  26. Maintain the removal and return of quality equipment to the Lab. Acts as scrap collector, touring the facility and removing tested and product samples from QC inspection stations.
  27. Acts as scrap collector, touring the facility and removing tested and product samples from QC inspection stations.
  28. All other duties as assigned by Quality Manager.

  1. On the Job.
  2. CMM, ATM, Caliper, micrometers and on line gauges.
  3. Blueprint Reading.
  4. Calibration
  5. SPC
  6. TS 16949 Overview.

Education Requirements:
High School Graduate or GED.

Proficient at Math; Good organizational skills; Ability to make informed decisions; Computer literate; Ability to communicate well with others and have good Leadership skills.

Individual must possess a minimum of 3 years experience in a related field; utilizing precision instruments.

Nesco Resource is an equal employment opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, or veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristics with respect to employment opportunities.