Previous Job
Assistant Production Manager- 2nd Shift
Ref No.: 18-37774
Location: London, Kentucky
Pay Rate : $ 50,000.00 - 65,000.00 /Year
Skill Type
Skill Type:Engineering
Job Overview
This job description has been prepared as a guide to ensure better communication, clear expectations and understanding of the role of Assistant Production Manager. All responsibilities have not been included, Supervisors, may from time to time ask the Assistant Production Manager to perform other related duties not specifically included in this description. This description will be reviewed annually by the Production Manager and revised if needed to meet the business needs of the company.
  • Ensure that employees have sufficient job training and information to efficiently perform their tasks in terms of both quality and quantity with frequent follow-ups after initiation.
  • Participate in the team effort of the quality control inspector and supervisor to maintain a smooth flow of production parts of the highest quality.
  • Rectify quality problems by maintaining problem solving communications with the Quality / Production Manager.
  • Monitor scrap rate so that it does not exceed established limits. Advise the Production Manager immediately if limit is exceeded in order to decide action to be taken.
  • Actively participate in production meetings to determine production requirements.
  • Ensure Group Leaders are performing to job standard.
  • Delegate work assignments to the Group Leaders ensuring complete understanding so that quality standards and customer delivery dates are met.
  • Discuss and advise the Group Leader of daily production requirements and relay any special instruction.
  • Make recommendations on required changes to existing and new tooling and prototypes, ensuring better quality parts and less rejects.
  • Monitor department and efficiency standards, taking whatever corrective action is necessary to meet set standard.
  • Fully informs management of all events affecting plant operations.
  • Observe and recognize the best qualities of the employees and expand upon them.
  • Listen to employee problems and concerns when they arise and seek a prompt mutually acceptable resolution. Advise Human Resources / Production Manager promptly of all unusual or abnormal personnel problems.
  • Contributes to a work environment where fairness, equality and non discriminatory practices are the standard.
  • Provide information, instruction and supervision to Employees, to protect health or safety of the Employee.
  • Carry and enforce the company's workplace safety guidelines and health and safety statement.
  • Ensure first aid treatment is given to an injured employee immediately and further assistance, including medical is sought immediately.
  • Complete reports of accidents / incidents immediately and participate in corrective action process.
  • Ensure safety concerns that arise from safety incidents, accidents or safety meetings are corrected immediately.
  • Ensure work instructions are followed to produce quality part per customer specifications.
  • Cooperate, participate and lead corrective actions in conjunction with health and safety committee, continuous improvement team and other departments within facility.
  • Assist the HR Department with the tracking of Employees attendance, overtime and scheduling to ensure accuracy.
  • Assist in the interviewing and hiring process for new Production Team Members as necessary.
  • Ensure all local, state and federal laws are upheld and followed in relation to safety, environmental, hiring and recruitment and worker safety, as stated by KYOSHA and the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Association.
  • Contribute to a work environment free from harassment, where fairness, equity and non -discriminatory practices are standard
  • Adhere to the Quality Policy and Environmental Policy as they relate to ISO 9001: 2015 (QMS) / ISO 14001:2015 (EMS) / IATF 16949 2016 (AQMS)
Environmental Responsibilities
  • All Employees must follow all environmental rules and policies in the efforts to preserve energy and reduce waste.
  • All Employees must report any spills immediately and correct unsafe conditions where possible.
  • All Employees must comply with company's environmental requirements and operational controls and work in compliance with the company's environmental policy.
Safety Responsibilities
  • All Employees shall follow the company's Workplace Safety Guidelines.
  • No Employee shall remove or make ineffective any protective device required by regulations and the company.
  • No Employee shall use or operate any equipment, machine or device in a manner that may endanger himself or another worker. This includes operating equipment, machine or device without proper training.
  • No Employee shall engage in any prank, unnecessary running or unsafe act while performing job duties.
  • All Employees must report incidents and accidents immediately to their supervisor and complete appropriate forms
  • All Employees must wear approved Personal Protective Equipment in all areas of the plant as deemed necessary per the PPE Policy.
  • All Employees are required to maintain a drug and alcohol free workplace in compliance with the substance abuse policy.
  • Direct responsibility to the OSHA Act of 1970 including but not limited to section 5 Employer/Manager Duties.
  • Shall furnish to each employee a place of employment, free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious injury to employees.
  • Shall comply with KY OSHA occupational and health standards.

Required Qualifications
Experience 5 years related manufacturing experience, preferably in a supervisory role Attendance: NA
Education High School Diploma/GED Tools Required No
Computer Skills Microsoft Office Leadership Skills Required Yes
Organizational Skills Required Yes Uniforms Provided Yes