Ref No.: 18-36012
Location: Sanford, Florida
Experience Level: 1 Years
Pay Rate : $ 14.00 - 15.00 /Hour
Skill Type
Skill Type:Light Industrial

2nd shift 2pm-11pm

Payrate: $14/hr

Position Summary
A Welder is responsible for ensuring proper fabrication of the welded fire protection system components in accordance with stocklisted work instructions.
Reporting Relationships
A Welder reports to the Weld Department Lead.
Experience, Education, and General Background Skills
High school diploma or equivalent. Strong understanding of materials, tools, equipment, and procedures used in the welding process,.
Physical stamina and ability to perform laborious and strenuous work for extended hours, including overtime up to 25 hours per week, if necessary.
Good communication skills. Sense of pride, integrity, and organizational ability. Must enjoy working independently and with others in an indoor; fabrication production environment.
Minimum of 2 years MIG welding experience.

Industry related MIG Welding.

Physical and Mental Demands
Requires constant (67%-100%) bending; reaching; stooping; pushing; pulling; grasping; standing and twisting.
Must possess stamina to perform physical labor for extended periods of time while enduring smoke, fumes, and loud noises indoors, in and around electrical and fabrication production elements. Requires constant mental alertness, corrected vision, and hearing to normal range. Requires ability to communicate clearly. Must possess excellent hand-eye and gross motor coordination, plus manual dexterity. Must be able to wear/utilize required safety equipment.

Special Equipment
Must be able to operate electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic equipment including, but not limited to: power machines, hand tools, grinders, grooving machines, saws and personal protective equipment, as well as welding equipment. Forklifts and cranes can only be operated by authorized personnel
Position Duties (Basic)
1. Make pipe surface preparation; as needed to ensure complete welding penetration.
2. Cut appropriate holes per layout instructions.
3. Ensure removal of all coupons/turtles from material cut.
4. Layout all outlets to be welded.
5. Ensure outlet is welded in and upright and plumb manner.
6. Ensure each weld in overlapped by at least ½”.
7. Visually inspect each weld for completeness, penetration, the absence of flow obstructions and make repairs as necessary.
8. Sign-off on cover weld sheet after completing visual inspections.
9. Stamp each weld to verify competition.
10. Notify Weld Department Lead of any machine or equipment damage or maintenance needs.
11. Perform all other duties as assigned.