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Ref No.: 18-33838
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Position Type:Contract
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Skill Type:Professional
We are currently seeking a researcher/scientist. This position is located on the Roybal Campus in Atlanta, Georgia.

Clients Integrated Science Solutions (ISS) is a part of the Contract Research business within Battelle providing laboratory support to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We are currently seeking a researcher/scientist for the Influenza Virus Reference Team. The position will support the mission of the VRT with responsibilities of comprehensive analyses of circulating influenza viruses, research activities and reagent production, leading to improved control of influenza.

The position is located in the Influenza Division (ID) of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), OID, CDC at the Roybal Campus, Atlanta, Georgia.

ISS is working with HHS/CDC which is responsible for pandemic influenza preparedness. The CDC ID provides critical standards for pandemic preparedness to the US State Public Health Laboratories and acts as a World Health Organization (WHO) reference laboratory supporting international influenza surveillance and response networks. Rapid genetic and antigenic characterization of circulating viral strains coupled with vaccine development are essential components to increase pandemic readiness and response. CDC requires support in research and development efforts to eliminate data gaps in influenza surveillance by increasing the diagnostic and immunization tools available to clinical providers, public health laboratories and domestic and international partners. Monitoring influenza viruses through the application of molecular technologies and incorporation of laboratory surveillance with classic epidemiology facilitate detection of new epidemic variants and provide complete and accurate information about influenza viruses posing a pandemic threat. The use of viral molecular technologies and surveillance studies will provide candidate viruses for pre-pandemic and pandemic vaccine development to assist decision makers in formulating management strategies needed during influenza outbreaks, epidemics or pandemic.
The Virus Reference Team (VRT) of the Virology, Surveillance and Diagnosis Branch, Influenza Division is the core unit of the WHO collaborating center responsible for characterization of influenza viruses circulating globally to provide essential information for the WHO to make recommendations on influenza vaccine strain selection.

• Conduct specimens receiving, accessioning and processing as well as data entry.
• Propagate influenza viruses in tissue culture or embryonated chicken eggs.
• Organize and perform specialized antigenic analysis of influenza viruses submitted from national and international laboratories participating in the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System as well as viruses from outbreaks or other special studies.
• Perform serological assays to estimate immune response among people immunized with influenza vaccine or infected with influenza.
• Participate in preparing virus specific animal antisera (ferrets and other laboratory animals).
• Fulfill external and/or internal requests on reagents and prepare outgoing shipment.
• Organize procurement of routine supplies, biologics, animals and equipment items for the reference laboratory.

• BS in Microbiology or Biology, Molecular Biology, or closely related field.
• Two years of virology laboratory experience and demonstrated expertise in influenza research are preferred.
• Hands-on experiences of cell culture, as well as classical and molecular biology techniques.
• Experiences with specimens accessioning process and knowledge of Laboratory Information Management system (LIMs) are desirable.
• Demonstrated interpersonal skills with ability to work collaboratively with other scientists and laboratorians
• Experience in writing laboratory reports and scientific paper as well as working with Microsoft Excel, Word and Access.