Previous Job
Senior Software Engineer
Ref No.: 18-32203
Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Skill Type
Skill Type:Information Technology
Skills / Experiences:
  • C# and WPF expert (3+ years' experience)
  • ​MVVMXAML templates and styles
  • XAML layout

Scope of work:
  • Work on the UI/UX definition provided by us
  • Design WPF structure using data binding and application level templates (data templates, content templates) and styles
  • Implement UI/UX and XAML code that are maintainable and extensibleAttend daily standup with the scrum team, sprint planning and report-outs
  • Deliverables will be evaluated, and tested by SQA in each three-week cycle (Sprints)Time and Location
  • August 1st to the week before Thanksgiving
  • Need to be full time and onsite working with scrum teams in Madison WI
  • Can NOT be remote or work from home
  • Must be US citizen.