Ref No.: 18-30187
Location: Southfield, Michigan
Position Type:Contract
Skill Type
Skill Type:Engineering
5-10 years Experience in role.

Education requirement: Bachelor of Science in Engineering with from an accredited university with curriculum that includes theory and application of control systems.

Client's Vehicle Technology and Innovation team is an organization whose mission is to deliver profitable growth by developing new technology for passenger car and commercial vehicle markets worldwide.

This position's primary function is to design and develop new control system technology for passenger car and commercial vehicle powertrain systems. The scope of responsibility includes development of conceptual solutions, analytics, and hardware needed to validate critical questions, delivery of proof-of-concept prototypes, and transition of new technology to the product development organizations. The technical domain is embedded control systems for vehicular powertrain application.

Controls and Simulation
Engine off coasting and combined energy recovery device transmission controls (CERD) are completed and verification of the code base is in process via simulation in preparation for implementation of the CERD in physical hardware. As testing on physical hardware continues, validation of controls will take place during remote and in person support at Third Party Lab.

ORNL Testing
Baseline Endurant transmission has been sent and installed on an Lab test cell. Remote controls and integration support is being provided. Transmission build with combined energy recovery device housing in planned for the end of July. The major risk on the prototype build is the press fitting of the reaction pins into the rear housing to support the loads of the planetary assembly. Press operation has been known to damage housings which could cause delays in prototype assembly. A new fixture for the pins has been designed and procured for this operation. Once assembled the transmission will be tested to assure adequate installation of oil passage to PTO device prior to shipping .

Mule Build 1
Mule build transmission has arrived at vendor for an powertrain fit test prior to installation in mule vehicle. A new prototype clutch damper package was included on the mule build to enable down speeding of the engine. Noise and vibration studies will be completed post build to analysis the benefit of the prototype clutch on the system.