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Tool Technician
Ref No.: 18-04988
Location: Wooster, Ohio
Position Type:Direct Placement
Experience Level: 10 Years
Pay Rate : $ 18.00 - 26.00 /Hour
Skill Type
Skill Type:Engineering
Reads and interprets complex engineering drawings and work-process documentation. Designs, builds, and repairs molds used to mass-produce plastic components. Builds precision mold components using conventional and numerically controlled metal-cutting machines and equipment, including saws, drills, grinders, lathes, mills, and electrical discharge machines

A person coming in should have an understanding of these areas.
Mold maintenance Training Basic (Duration 1 year)
  • Train to achieve good mechanical aptitude and basic hand-tool experience.
  • Training on all the tool room machines both conventional and CNC machines which include Lathe, Milling, Grinding, Electric discharge machines etc. ( It usually takes each machines 3 to 4 months minimum to get a good touch on these machines provided they are on the machine everyday)
  • Get involved with moving, disassembly, cleaning using proper methods and basic troubleshooting of the molds.
  • Understands the importance of high accuracy that these molds are built, documentation and follows prescribed methods and procedure during work.

Mold maintenance Training Intermediate ( 2nd year)
  • Train to achieve better knowledge and skills to safely, effectively and efficiently disassemble, clean, troubleshoot and assemble at least 50% of the company's active molds.
  • To demonstrate sound knowledge of mold functions of different kinds of molds, understand reasons for the design, gets involved in basic processing in the molding.
  • Get familiar with the hot runner systems of different types, Brands. Gain knowledge of the basic maintenance of the hot runner systems which involves purging, cleaning the tips, clearing the blockage and basic electrical works.
  • Train to achieve advanced knowledge of machining which again involves all the Tool Room machines, measuring equipment's, Hand tools.
  • Start coordinating with Quality, Automation and processing to understand the issues that are a concern for these departments that relates to the molds or Tool Room, analyze the root cause and execute the best solutions.
  • Maintain a clear data of the mold maintenance.
  • Start concentrating on the latest updates and technologies in the mold build area and implement some of them to increase the mold life.

Mold maintenance Training ( 3rd year)
  • Develop knowledge, skills and tools to effectively and efficiently disassemble, clean, troubleshoot, repair and assemble 100% of the company's active mold.
  • Can use all in-house machines to rework worn or damaged tooling components.
  • Communicates with all external vendors and mold shops, involves and initiates procurements of all the components, spares, and tools that are required to effectively run the In-house mold shop.
  • Get involved in design revive meetings for the new mold builds, participate in new projects management, suggests new ideas and builds on the existing ideas.
  • Works in a professional manner with little or no supervision.
  • Determine best possible methods and procedures to fix the probable causes of the mold/defects, as well as corrective and preventive actions.
  • At this stage has excellent knowledge of the mold functions of all the molds.
  • Helps to hire new recruits for the Tool Room.
  • To get involved and interact with training new or less-skilled employees in proper-mold maintenance techniques and methodology.

Job Duties:
  • Demonstrates confidence operating and maintaining a variety of conventional machine tools to cut, turn, mill, plane, drill, bore, and grind or otherwise shape work pieces to prescribed dimensions and finish.
  • Fabricates and assembles components using hand tools to ensure completed tools, dies, jigs or fixtures working properly.
  • Uses precision measuring instruments such as vernier calipers and micrometers to check finished parts to make sure they measure up to specifications.
  • Investigates and performs corrective measures to repair hot runner systems.
  • Prepares work order inspection reports, interpreting areas of concern while referring to the bill of materials, standards and tolerances.
  • Logs and maintains preventative maintenance documents in the tool binders.
Education or Experience:
  • Plastics and injection molding experience required
  • Environment, Health & Safety experience preferred