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Front End Developer
Ref No.: 17-00094
Location: South Amboy
Position Type:Direct Placement
Start Date: 12/21/2017
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As a front-end developer you will work on websites and products relied on by hundreds of thousands of users every day. You will work with our marketing and design teams, to bring their visions for our products to life, with attention to detail across browsers and platforms.
Your technical skills will allow you to also work with our back end developers to help us continuously ship new features, improvements, and experiments. You will be a part of a growth process focused on implementing tests that help us grow every week.
You won't be alone. You will work with our growth marketers, product managers, data analysts, designers, developers, quality assurance and tech support teammates to make sure your work is performing well and providing real value to users.
You have 1+ years experience in a related role with significant experience in:
  • Ability to code websites by hand using HTML/CSS/JS from provided design
  • You are comfortable using Sketch to source your design, and you enjoy the challenge when you need to improvise and make your own improvements and changes
  • Design sense that allows you to make informed and solid User Experience decisions on the websites you are building
  • You are familiar with version control systems (Git), command line tools (eg. Grunt, Gulp) and JavaScript frameworks that build the modern web (Angular.js or React.js)
  • You love bringing static designs to life with thoughtful interactions, animations, and transitions. You have enough Javascript and CSS experience to support these efforts
  • You can code and adapt designs to perform well on a wide array of devices, including Android and iOS phones and tablets
  • You're comfortable with JavaScript. You will not be required to fully implement features, but you will need to code designs in existing codebases and you are resourceful enough to navigate existing code
Good to haves:
  • You are passionate about design, and willing to grow into a more design-oriented role
  • You have experience working on products and websites used and relied on by real users
  • You have coded an email design before and it worked. Super bonus: you are not afraid to repeat the feat!
  • You know analytics and data science tools in and out, you know how to integrate them with websites
  • You know A/B testing and other growth toolshtmjavasc