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Data Center Systems Administrator
Ref No.: 17-00538
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 12/19/2017
This is Soundarya, Talent Acquisition Executive from Keshav Consulting Solutions(KCS). We have a requirement for¿ ¿ "Data Center Systems Administrator ". If you are interested please send your updated resume to¿
¿Tittle: Data Center Systems Administrator ¿¿
Duration: ¿6 months
¿ Location: Phoenix, AZ

Job Description:
General Job Description
¿ Works on overall program(s), which may include multiple sub projects
¿ Works on programs based on repeatable standards and practices where possible, but also mayrequire defining new approaches
¿ Resolves conflicts within and between projects or functional areas
¿ Adheres to methods to monitor program or area progress and takes corrective action
¿ Ensures that the agreed upon service levels and customer requirements are met
¿ Works cross-functionally to solve problems and implement changes
¿ Proactively and routinely identifies, mitigates and reports program risks
¿ Responds promptly to customer needs; takes a customer-centric approach to problem solving;solicits customer feedback to improve service; responds to requests for service and assistance; meets commitments; manages difficult or emotional customer situations; fosters relationships
¿ Identifies opportunities and implements solutions to improve efficiency and reduce waste
¿ Listens to others without interrupting; Keeps emotions under control; remains open to others ideas and tries new things
¿ Develop solutions and processes to meet needs; identifies unique innovative approaches
¿ Prioritizes and plans work activities; sets goals and objectives; uses time efficiently;
communicates activities and results as appropriate
¿ Works independently; occasionally participates in reviews of assigned and completed tasks
¿ Reviews and recommends equipment, resources and software; may assist with development or preparation of department level budget; may initiate purchasing
¿ Adheres to confidentiality about projects
Technical Requirements
¿ Lifting up to 50+ lbs.,
¿ Standing on ladders and ability to reach out from ladders with 3 points of contact on ladder while installing fiber/copper patch cords
¿ Ability to stand on ladder at 8-10ft height for sustained periods of time with short breaks off the ladder
¿ Ability to operate tools such as screwdrivers, drills, wrenches, clamps, multi-meters
¿ Ability to assemble data center racks, cable ladders, cable management
¿ Ability to operate test equipment assigned to job
¿ Ability to perform work with gloves on while using tools
¿ Ability to wear hard hat if required
¿ Ability to oversee vendors in outdoor heat up to 115 degree temps using proper personal protective equipment (PPE) up to 8 hours with required breaks
¿ Ability to wear steel and or Kevlar safety shoes for up to 8 hours.
¿ Need to have current Driver license and ability to drive to 3+ hours each direction to performmaintenance at remote data centers
¿ Ability to load/unload fleet vehicles with materials for remote data centers up to 50+ lbs. -Ability to pass background check
¿ Pulling/pushing floor jacks with 200+ lbs of paper/materials occasionally
¿ Lifting 30+ lbs of floor tiles while bending over
¿ 5S taping which requires bending over, or sustained time on your knees
¿ Pulling/pushing of carts with servers/storage devices/power supplies
¿ Removal of servers from Equipment racks
¿ Places servers on pallets from server lift to pallets and transport storage area for surplus to remove
¿ Removal of abandoned cabling
¿ Escorting vendors and customers to all floors of the SDC
¿ Be able to climb 4 floors of staircase In the event of fire/halon alarm and act as floor warden to clear all floors
¿ Removal of CRAC unit covers to verify operation or inspection due to alarms (30lbs)
¿ Move sandbags for severe weather from basement to 1st floor to prevent flooding (40lbs)
¿ Be able to function in loud environment (Generator Room, UPS Room, Data Center floor areas) Need Decibel reading
¿ Be able to function and perform in 67-71 degree data center environment for sustain periods of time up to 12 hours.
¿ Be on -call 24/7 and respond to middle of night calls/text messages and respond to data center with personal owned vehicle
¿ Visually be able to identify colors to install power cords and power supplies to redundant sources
¿ Visually be able to identify colors to install patch cords to network jack for full redundancy
¿ Ability to push/pull carts, floor jacks up to 1/4 mile multiple times throughout the day
¿ Ability to use box cutter and remove products from boxes in SHDC shipping and receiving area
¿ Ability to walk 1/4+ distance multiple times throughout the day to get to storage area and CenturyLink NOC
¿ Ability to operate a computer and perform basic skillset to include Microsoft suite/Visio/PowerPoint
¿ Ability to use and/or Adobe pdf documents and add redline for cable paths.
¿ Ability to oversee cabling vendors and compliance to State of Arizona Contracts
¿ Ability to be trained and wiliness to learn new job roles related to cabling/fiber installation and data center daily operations.