Previous Job
Sr.AWS Support Consultant
Ref No.: 17-00696
Location: Sunnyvale, California
Minimum Degree Level:Bachelors
 What ever mentioned in the JD is purely into AWS no additional networking concepts required.
AWS Infrastructure
  • Build new hosting environments for products, staging, maintenance
  • Cellint product has IMMEDIATE needs – Ipv6 environment, AWS DX (Direct Connect), three FortiGate VM's, IPv6 VPN's
  • VM Installations (Production, test, PoC, science experiment, management, demonstration)
  • Cloud Formation
  • VPC ( IGW [Internet Gateway], subnet [IPV4, IPV6], RT [Routing Tables], NAT Gateways ) (These are already mentioned but still making a point)
  • Route 53 (These are already mentioned but still making a point)
  • EBS ( Elastic Block store)
  • EFS (Elastic file System)
  • Auto Scaling, ELB- Elastic Load Balancer (These are already mentioned but still making a point)
  • VM Maintenance
  • Bring down VM temp|permanently
  • Monitor and maximize resource allocations
  • Update/upgrade platforms and applications
  • Develop and validate new certified "golden standard” images for rapid deployment
  • Network Access (production, employee, ThingSpace, vendor/management)
  • Reduce attack surface by closing off inbound/outbound routes and ports
  • Network ACL's
  • Security Groups
  • Via FortiGate VPN
  • Via AWS edge w/ and w/o VPN
  • Via AWS DX (private circuit delivery, SCI)
  • NetSense access (cross-communication between AWS environments)
  • Routing/Segmentation
  • VPC and subnet management
  • Keep customer traffic separate
  • Isolate vendor access and traffic to minimal specific support scopes
  • DNS Services
  • Resiliency
  • Zone redundancies
  • Back-up (and retrieval) strategies and exercises
  • Route redundancies
  • Firewall redundancies
  • Storage
  • Utilization of S3
 AWS Services [to be] employed & fine-tuned:
  • SES (Email Service)
  • Route 53 (DNS)
  • VPC FW/VPN/Public Access
  • EC2 (Computer/Server)
  • Cloud Watch (Monitoring)
  • Direct Connect (Private Transport Interchange)
  • Certificate Manager
  • Auto Scaler
  • S3 (Storage)
Apart from AWS Networking other networking concepts aren't required and no coding skills.