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Escrow Officer: III (Senior)
Ref No.: 17-01960
Location: Los Angeles, California
Start Date / End Date: 07/10/2017 to 11/17/2017
The Floating Escrow Officer will travel branches in the Los Angeles area to assist and cover the desk of Branch Managers and Escrow Officers in their absence.The Floating Escrow Officer will oversee the daily activities in the branch. A Floating Escrow Officer works primarily with real estate transactions and helps ensure each sale meets legal requirements before releasing buyer funds to the seller. The officer does this by reviewing the contract between buyer and seller, conducting research to ensure that the property title is clear and not under lien from another lender, creating closing documents to be signed by all parties, and setting up the timetable for the final closing. This requires the individual to have a number of skills, including familiarity with computers and real estate software, experience in the real estate industry, and effective interpersonal communication skills to work with buyers and sellers. The position also involves a significant amount of multitasking, so it's important for a Floating Escrow Officer to be flexible and able to successfully complete several tasks at the same time.

Floating Escrow Officer Tasks:
• Taking the incoming escrow from beginning to its conclusion and everything in between.
• Follow the notes or the direction from the manager or the assistant.
• Leave clear notes on all the files as to the work that was done in the absence of the Branch Manager, Escrow Officer, and/or Escrow Assistant.
• Responsible for opening up new escrows, and entering them in iClosings (includes receipting in buyer's deposit, and sending all instructions to the resource center if applicable).
• Making calls to the buyer and seller for introductions, along with the corresponding agents.
• Reviewing the initial contract.
• Fax out the instructions, reviewed and edited if necessary to the agents for approval.
• Update all reports under status reports. Keep in contact w/agent and give weekly report as to the progress of the transaction.
• Prepare file for funding. Check w/lender to see the status of the loan, which will affect closing date.
• Balance and close file. Double audit in the branch.
• Print the checks and closing statements after the audit. Disburse checks to appropriate parties, or assistant or processor will also do.
• Communicate to parties when the file has closed, and when the funds are being disbursed. If necessary prepare for refund to agents, sellers, buyers etc. Contact CB managers and sales associates that are part of your transactions.
• Make sure the branch manager is aware of any contacts you make and keep a record of anything regarding the transactions.
• Communicate pro-actively with sales managers as needed.
• Maintain the office model and standards.

Years Exp: 4 - 6. . High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent work experience