Card Investigations Tech
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Card Investigations Tech
Ref No.: 18-02639
Location: Sacramento, California
Start Date: 08/08/2018
Card Investigation Technician
Hours: M-F 8am to 5pm
Duration: 2 to 3 months (great exposure for a full-time role)

Previous banking experience, excellent data entry skills, effective oral and written communications and data entry skills.

Primarily assist with issuing provisional credits. Interact and respond to member phone and email inquiries, investigate and resolve simple Card Fraud and Dispute claims.

Evaluate member activity using manual and automated processes for evidence of fraud.
Detection, investigation, and proper resolution of fraudulent activity high risk debit and
credit card transactions on member accounts with a sense of urgency in a fast paced
environment, card products, ATMs and online services. Utilizes manual and automated
reports to detect and verify suspicious transactions on credit, debit and ATM cards.
Identifies, tracks and contacts members to verify suspicious credit and debit card activity.
Reports verified fraud to both internal claims processing and vendors. Facilitates fraud
reporting process, ensuring a positive member experience Investigates credit/debit fraud
and dispute transactions on behalf of members; reviews and makes recommendations for
action in pursuit of recovery. Responsible for process from preparation, processing and
finalizing claim disposition. Every phase of the review process must be closely documented
based on established guidelines and/or procedures.
1. Responsible for the operation of and processes related to card fraud monitoring
products. Creating and maintaining a positive and informative member experience
when verifying or taking a report of fraud.
2. Identify, investigate, and respond to and/or resolve all card fraud or dispute claims
and matters. Research/review documents for submission of fraud and dispute claims.
Establish oral and written communications with VISA, merchants, processors, law
enforcement, and members, as necessary. Report/escalate any potential issues.
3. Resolve member/branch issues and related service concerns and report/escalate any
potential issues that may affect credit union assets or member satisfaction. This
includes resolving Branch/Department/MSCC phone calls and emails in a timely
4. Provide relevant information from uncovered fraud accounts to other business units
and investigating authorities.
5. Collects, evaluates, and documents all evidence obtained during an investigation for
recovery. Order retrievals and provide documentation required for charge backs as
needed ensuring text is precise according to Visa rules.
6. Maintain a thorough understanding of state and federal laws and regulations related
to credit union compliance including bank secrecy and anti-money laundering laws
appropriate to position.
7. Comply with all established internal audit, security and credit union rules, regulations
and departmental procedures. Maintain knowledge by keeping updated with credit
card regulations or procedures through emails, publications, online resources, and
procedure changes.
8. Perform charge backs to assist in the recovery of fraudulent or disputed transactions
based on appropriate fraud or dispute codes as outlined by VISA regulation. Maintain
knowledge of Visa Dispute Resolution yearly revisions every April and October.
9. Process reimbursements to member accounts as appropriate with notification based
on Regulation Z and E as required.
10. Update notes and information on all Claims systems; maintain call records and
adjustment maintenance information.
11. Perform additional duties as necessary to maintain daily operations.
1. Effective oral and written communication skills.
2. Must possess sufficient manual dexterity to skillfully operate an on-line computer
terminal and other standard office equipment, such as financial calculators, personal
computer, facsimile machine and telephone.
1. INTERNAL: Branch staff, Loan Services, Collections, Member Service, and Loss
2. EXTERNAL: Law enforcement, members, processors, vendors, merchants, peer
credit card operators.

1. EDUCATION: Successful completion of High School curriculum.
2. EXPERIENCE: Minimum one year's experience in a financial institution or
credit/debit card experience.
¿ Ability to effectively communicate results to members, acquirer, and or
merchants and meet mandatory time frames.
¿ Knowledge of Credit Union products, services, policies & procedures.
¿ Operating knowledge of Visa regulations and Federal/State Regulations specific to
debit/credit cards.
¿ Good organizational skills, including the ability to prioritize daily activities and
multi-task to complete assignments.
¿ High attention to detail in working and investigating files with emphasis on
¿ Effective oral and written communication skills.
¿ Basic Excel skills
¿ Knowledge to operate facsimile machine, ten key, microfiche, electronic banking
equipment; basic PC knowledge of Windows environment, and office filing logic.
¿ Must be self-motivated and capable of working both independently as well as in a
team environment.
If selected for the position, must be able to pass Drug Screen and Background Check