Previous Job
Paralegal: III (Senior)
Ref No.: 18-02217
Location: Madison, New Jersey
Start Date / End Date: 07/23/2018 to 10/26/2018
Paralegals perform legal-, regulatory- and business-related research for lawyers working at their organization. Most of the time, paralegals work for law offices, corporations¿ legal departments or courts. These professionals also provide legal support services to attorneys. They assist lawyers in filing materials such as motions, memoranda, pleadings and briefs in various court systems, as well as accompany lawyers to see clients and/or to go to court. Paralegals may have to interview clients either by phone or in person prior to referring them to their organization's lawyers; they may have the authority to accept or reject potential clients. Paralegals also edit pleadings, technical papers, briefs and other documents, helping review legal documents to make sure that relevant facts are included. They may have to travel to various courts to accompany their organization's lawyers, and they may have to train and coach new or more junior paralegals. Tasks: Gather and analyze research data, such as statutes, decisions and legal articles, codes and documents. Prepare affidavits or other documents, maintain document file and file pleadings with court clerk. Prepare legal documents, including briefs, pleadings, appeals, wills, contracts and real estate closing statements. Investigate facts and law of cases to determine causes of action and to prepare cases. Assist lawyers by researching legal precedent, investigating facts or preparing legal documents. Years Exp: 5 - 10. Experience: Relies on extensive experience to plan and accomplish tasks . Leadership/Contributions: Leads and directs the work of others. Reports to: Director. Advanced Degree or Certifications?: Yes.