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HAAANB-Procurement Coordinator B - H05-Procurement Coordination
Ref No.: 18-00674
Location: Tukwila, Washington
Start Date / End Date: 03/16/2018 to 03/15/2019
Job Description:

The candidate selected to fill this assignment must successfully pass a credit check performed by Boeing Security. Suppliers, refer to your Supplier Guide for information on this requirement.

The tasks the coordinators will perform include, but are not limited to, the following:
-Completing procurement responsibilities for low value, non-complex procurement s and releases to previously negotiated
strategic agreements.
-Support Procurement Agents in the completion of procurement transactions as determined by assigned manager.
-Support Delivery Management activities by completing change management requests, updating supplier delivery tools,
reconciling items in grief and performing Line of Balance follow up.
-Assist with order management activities by reviewing consumer based ordering compliance, managing repair initiation
and coordinating tooling needs at the suppliers.
-Enter data, extract data and perform updates of databases for procurement agents, management and other customers to
ensure data integrity and timeliness.
-Collect, organized, edit and provide data from various computer systems and databases to procurement agents and
management in order to effectively evaluate processes and performance within the procurement cycle.
-Schedule and organize meetings, record and distribute meeting minutes and agendas, process and file forms and
documentation, and perform other administrative tasks to assist in the efficiency of procurement operations.
-Communicate with procurement agents and internal customers to assist in the identification and resolution of issues
associated with the procurement cycle such as quotes, billing, contracts and other documentation discrepancies to ensure
contractual compliance.
-Gather documentation (e.g., drawings, specifications, statements of work) from various data sources and assist in the
distribution to suppliers in order to define contractual requirements.
-Initiate and execute supplier improvement activities and integrates results into contracting strategies.
-Assist in the closeout management process via invoice reconciliation efforts and Purchase Contract closeout activities.
Preferred Qualifications:
- Experience as a Procurement Coordinator and/or Administrator
- Experience working with Procurement, Supplier Management, Supply Chain, Material Management and/or Logistics
- Experience supporting Department of Defense (DOD) Supply processes
- Experience collecting data from multiple sources to create reports
- Experience coordinating and scheduling meetings
Education / Experience: High School Diploma or GED
- Experience utilizing Microsoft Office Suite, including Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint